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You Feel Just Like The Sun
Title: You Feel Just Like The Sun
Warning: None.
Character: All of 'em.
Summary: The world through Brittany's little sister's eyes.
Word Count: 7,600
Disclaimer: Don't own.
A/N: I really don't know what this is. It's totally different from anything I've ever written. Thoughts are appreciated!

We used to live in a different house a long time ago when I was just little. I only know that because of pictures, but Brittany tells me how there was only a hallway between our rooms and she used to come in and sing to me when I was a baby. That's maybe why I like her so much, but I don't know. She says she cried when we moved and I cried with her but I was like months old or something. Brittany doesn't cry really, ever. Mom says it's because she's brave but that makes my sister's cheeks go all pink, so maybe it's not true. Or maybe it is true and your cheeks just go pink when someone says something about you that's true. I haven't figured it out yet. Brittany mostly just smiles a lot. And plays with her hair, which is more fun when it's not in a ponytail all the time. I think it's dumb that she has to do that to be a cheerleader, but she tells me to not say that too loud because her coach has spies, and she knows because she is one. Which is weird, but I guess she's not going to tell on herself, so maybe spies can do bad things and unless there are other spies spying on spies, no one can find out.

Brittany's hair is pretty and she says mine is the same but it's not. Hers is more yellow and mine's more gold. There's a difference too because last time we went to Walgreen's with Santana we were in the row with all the weird hair loops stuck on the shelves and we picked out our colours when Santana was busy moving prices around so she could get her shampoo for cheaper or something. Santana has a lot of money but sometimes she does things like that. But then she buys me and Brittany things, like candy, or ice cream, that one time, so it's okay. And also, I think rich people probably stay rich because they know how to save money better than people who aren't rich. My hair on the hair loop on the shelf was called Golden Sunshine and Brittany's is Sunshine Yellow. Which is good, because we're sisters and we should have the same words in our hair names. And we both like sunshine so it makes sense.

We aren't poor or anything and we could buy our own candy or ice cream if we wanted to. Daddy makes houses for people in subdivisions, but I don't know what those are, and Mommy works at the animal hospital as a doctor, which is how we got Lord Tubbington. And actually, Lord Tubbington's real name isn't Lord Tubbington, but Brittany likes it better than Jasper, which is what the other owner used to call him. Mommy said the other owner didn't know how to take care of the cat and left him at the animal hospital, which is mean, because people don't do that with other people. You just learn how to take care of things, like my bracelet I had and the loop that holds it on broke when I was playing soccer, so I stopped wearing it to play soccer. Anyway, Lord Tubbington is really fat, but that's not Brittany's fault, it's the old owner's. And Tubby, which is what I call him sometimes even though Brittany says it's mean, is on a diet now. Brittany still feeds him cheese and I like to give him chips because they're his favourite, but that's okay, because Santana says you can eat what you want as long as you exercise, and Tubby walks around mostly, when he's not sleeping.

Santana swears a lot. She's how I know the F word. It's bad and Brittany says I'm not supposed to say it, so I don't. But I also know the A word, which is just a bad way of saying butt, and the S word, which is gross, so I don't like to think about it. Daddy says damn all the time but mom says 'not in front of the kids' and it makes Brittany laugh, but I don't know why. She's their kid too. I know a little bit about adoption because of Brittany's friend Quinn. But I don't think Brittany's adopted. She can't be or our hair wouldn't both have sunshine in the name, probably.

My name is Allie, which is short for Alice, which I hate. It doesn't even mean anything and I've never met anyone else named Alice, even though I know there are other people named Alice in the world, obviously. My best friend is named Katrina, which is a pretty name, and a girl in my grade is named Isabelle, which I think is the prettiest name I've ever heard. She's mean, though. One time she broke my pencil and another time she ripped my drawing, which made me really mad. I cried, which I hate doing, and then when I came home Artie was here and he said that people are always going to be mean, and it might seem like they're better or more popular, but they aren't because they're just scared. I asked of what, but he said he didn't know and that maybe they were scared of everything. He said that sometimes people do mean things and they only make you better, and Artie's really smart and has glasses and really big books, so he was probably right, I thought. He said too that my drawing was probably really pretty, and he's right about that, it was. It was of a kitten, if Tubby and Charity had one. Brittany got really excited and we drew a new picture together, which was so much fun, and even better than the first picture. "See?" Artie said, and he smiled, and then me and Brittany got out glitter pens and drew pictures of glitter cats, because that's fun all the time too.

But before I can tell you more about that, I have to tell you lots of other things first. Like how Brittany's sometimes a cheerleader and sometimes not, and how she sings with this club and dances, mostly.

That's what she does best, really, dancing, other than being really pretty and taking care of Tubby and Charity.

Brittany started dancing before I was even born, which I know is a long time ago because I turned eight this year and Mommy was saying how I'm practically an adult now, which isn't true, but it definitely means I'm getting old. Anyway, Brittany started taking ballet dance when she was four. I've seen the pictures. She's the tallest one there, even taller than the boys. I know it seems like dancing is really only for girls, but that's not true. Lots of boys dance. Like Mike, who is really funny and does this thing with his arms that is so gross it's funny. It's like he doesn't have bones. I know about bones because we studied the human body in science this year. Most people have about 200 bones in their bodies but I think Mike probably has about 100 or he wouldn't be able to do that thing with his arms.

I know Brittany didn't like ballet. She says it was boring and it was always about bending your knees instead of moving, and she wanted to move instead of standing against that bar thing and watching herself in the mirror. Tap dancing was too loud and ballroom wasn't fun enough, except she started taking that when she was older again. So she did jazz, which has a fun name, and hip hop, which has good music. Sometimes there are swears, but she says swearing doesn't count if it's in music.

Mom asked me if I wanted to take dancing lessons, but I think it'd just be hard to be a regular dancer when Brittany's such a good one. I asked them if they were mad at me because I didn't want to and they both just laughed. I think laughing means you can't be mad at the same time, so I thought they were still happy, and then Mommy said, "You should just do what you want to do, honey." She only says that when she's trying to teach a lesson, but I didn't know what that one was until I started playing soccer, which is kind of the opposite of dancing, but it's what I like best. So that was probably that lesson.

I remember Brittany's first dance solo. She says I can't because I was too little but I do. I remember mostly because of the costume she had to wear, which was pink tights, red shorts, and a white shirt, which looked really dumb, but I didn't tell her mostly because I was really excited that my sister was famous. I know she's not, now, but at the time having the dance solo kind of made her like a big star. At least to me. Daddy recorded it on video. He recorded my soccer game in the finals last year, too. That's how I knew he loved it. I think you probably only video tape the people you love. If you don't love people why would you want to have a movie of them? Other than like actual movies, which are just stories and not really events, if you think about it.

Anyway, cheerleading and dancing are kind of the same thing, only there's more yelling in cheerleading. Not a bad kind of yelling. It's happy yelling, like support, Brittany says. There's also the same uniform every time, instead of dance costumes for every different number. That's really boring, if you ask me, but no one did. If I was a cheerleader I'd want to have a different outfit every game, at least. We used to go to the football games sometimes, to watch my sister, but usually now we don't because none of us really like football and Daddy says he can never keep track of whether Brittany's on the squad or not. Brittany rolls her eyes at him for that, but it's kind of true. It's like she decides sometimes to do it and sometimes she just wants to sing and dance in that other club. I'd pick singing and dancing over yelling and dancing all the time, but that's just me.

And besides, sometimes Quinn and Santana decide and she does what they do because they're her best friends, which makes sense. I like to do the things my best friend does too.

Sometimes Santana calls Quinn the B word, but I don't think that's nice, and it doesn't even really seem right. But she's been friends with Quinn longer than me, so maybe she knows best. Santana and Quinn went to cheerleading camp with Brittany before they went to middle school, and that's how they became best friends. Brittany says camp is really fun. There's a soccer camp this summer, but it's in Kentucky and Mommy says that's too far, but it's not, really. Anyway, the first time I met Quinn she was wearing a braid in her hair that looked like a headband, and I told her I liked it and she said she'd do it for me, which was nice, because I was only like four. She laughed when I said she had pretty eyes, but I don't know why that was funny because she does. Still, even though she's older now. Probably peoples' eyes don't really change even if they get older. I don't know. Santana was never really as nice as Quinn back then, but then they both kind of became mean, and then they started being mean to each other, and they stopped coming over at the same time anymore, which I didn't like, because it made Brittany sad.

I saw Mike and Brittany kissing once. I was supposed to be in bed but I had to get up to, you know, use the bathroom, and when I walked past her room they were on her bed and he had his lips pushed against hers like they do on TV. Then he said something to her and made her laugh, and then she kissed him, and her hand went in his shirt, which is weird, but I thought maybe she was just trying to count how many bones he has, so I went pee and then went back to bed because it's not nice to stare at people. Mike started coming over a lot, which meant that Santana stopped coming over so much, and when I asked Brittany why she said that boys are really fun and sometimes it's better to hang out with them. Daddy got mad at her for putting ideas into my head, but I didn't have ideas, really, I just had questions, like why would a boy be more fun than a girl. And are there even different kinds of fun? Because I think probably that fun is just fun. She said I don't understand but I will when I'm older, and then Daddy got even madder at that and she just shrugged her shoulder.

I asked her why she and Mike stopped kissing and she said because she didn't feel like kissing him anymore, which is a good reason, I think.

Quinn came over when she was pregnant, and I didn't know what that meant at first, but Mommy explained it, and when I said I thought only old people have babies, Mommy said, "Sweetie," and pet my hair a little bit like she does when I think one thing and she doesn't want me to have to think other things instead. So I knew that young people, like Quinn, could have babies, too. I asked her why she was having a baby so young and she said, "I don't know, Allie," and it sounded sad, so I hugged her. She started wearing braids again.

Quinn slept in our spare room once, and I heard her telling Mommy and Daddy that it was because her own family didn't like that she was having a baby, which is really stupid, because babies are cute and make everyone happy. I've never really seen a baby make anyone sad, but Quinn seemed sad a lot when I saw her, so I guess it's possible. So I tried to always make her feel better, like by saying I liked her dress, or that her hair was pretty, or when I saw her with her hand on her tummy I asked questions about the baby, but nice questions. Like if it was a boy or a girl, and what she thought it was going to look like, and if it was going to be a cheerleader like her. One time she told me not to ask her anything else, so I didn't, I just sat on the bed with her while Brittany painted her toes. Quinn laughed and said she couldn't reach them anymore, which I didn't get until she said her belly got in the way, and then she laughed when I pushed a pillow under my shirt and tried to touch my toes and I couldn't. So I said that if Brittany couldn't paint Quinn's toes, she could still come over and I would do it for her. She cried, but she hugged me again, so I don't think they were really sad tears.

Quinn got really mean again for a while, and then the next time I saw her she could probably touch her toes again because her tummy was gone, and no one said anything about any babies anymore. That's how I know about adoption, because one time I asked Santana because I know she won't lie to me. She said it's when someone gives their baby to someone else. I asked why they'd do that, and she said sometimes people just aren't ready for babies. I wondered why they'd get pregnant if they weren't ready, but I didn't ask, because Santana was giving me that look like I probably didn't want to know anything more, and I really didn't. It makes me sad to think people just give away their babies sometimes, but then Brittany told me there's always a good reason and the babies are happy, so I guess that's better, because babies should probably just always be happy. Little things like that shouldn't be sad yet, I don't think.

Brittany had a party in the summer and I knew some of the people there because I watched her and her singing club at that competition where they had on those gold dresses. I like this club because they have fun outfits sometimes and Brittany gets to dance more, which is good, because she loves it. I know she does. Anyway, I recognized some of them. I know that really tall guy played football, and the boy with the weird hair who Santana says no one should pay attention to. She said, "We all know what happened to Q," and I don't know what that means, but it sounds bad.

We have a pool, so people were swimming. I wasn't supposed to go outside, so Mommy and me watched a movie and she went outside sometimes to make sure everything was okay and no one was doing anything stupid.

This girl came inside, and I heard her asking for some water, but it was only Santana in the kitchen and she didn't even answer before going back outside, so I wanted to help the girl. Besides, she had flamingos on her bathing suit, and I think flamingos are cool because they can stand on one leg and not fall over. I asked her if she could do that, and she smiled all big and said, "Sure I can! You can too, I bet!" and then we tried. She lasted longer than me, but still. She said her name was Rachel, which I knew because I can read and her name was in the program for that competition. I just didn't remember until she said it. I got her a bottle of water out of the cooler by the door.

Then she said, "I'm in glee club with Brittany, although we have taken several dance classes together over the years, so we've always been acquaintances. That means we know each other casually. What's your name?"


"That's such a pretty name!"

"I don't think it is. But it's better than my real name, Alice."

"My grandma's name is Alice!"


She nodded, so now I almost knew someone with the name Alice. And Rachel was really nice, so her grandma was probably nice, too.

Then that tall guy came in and Rachel said his name is Finn, which is probably the only name worse than Alice, but he was really funny and I said it was weird that they were boyfriend and girlfriend because he was huge and she was small. Rachel laughed and Finn held her hand. I thought they were nice together. Even if it would be weird for her to kiss him, since she couldn't reach and he'd have to bend down far. I was going to ask them to show me what it looks like when they try to kiss, but I thought that would be rude, and besides, Mommy came back inside. I told Rachel we were watching a movie called Fern Gully and Finn had to push her towards the door because she wanted to watch it instead of being outside with their friends. That made me feel special.

I met Puck for real in the summer, too. He came over to sit in the backyard with Brittany and Santana, and he was drinking beer, which I think he wasn't supposed to be doing, but I didn't say anything because Brittany didn't seem to care much. She was baby sitting me, which she does during the summers. We were all outside and I was swimming and trying to show off my dives, and I kicked water at Puck by accident, and he asked if I was for real, which...Well, obviously I'm not pretend. He did a canonball and got the girls wet, and then we played and he threw me so hard into the water that I was scared I wouldn't get to the surface in time to breathe. It was awesome. I asked why his name was Puck and he said because he picked it. I said I picked Allie, too, which was only a little bit of a lie, and he gave me a high five. Then he called me a brat and got out of the water. When he put his hand on Santana's waist and left, Brittany was sad, so I helped her make cookies and we decorated them with rainbow sprinkles, even though chocolate chip cookies usually don't have decorations.

The next person I saw Brittany kiss was Santana, which was only really weird because they noticed me there and made it this like big thing and it didn't have to be. I asked why they were kissing and Brittany said, "Because we want to," and that seemed like a good enough reason, really. It's not like you're going to kiss someone you don't want to kiss, and if someone kisses you and you don't want them to, that probably means they're not a good person for anyone to want to kiss. Then Santana told me not to tell anyone, and I said I wouldn't, because I didn't know who she thought I was going to tell. She laughed when I said that and I shrugged my shoulder, then we watched a show with a lot of swears in it until Brittany said it was inappropriate and turned the channel.

They hugged a lot after that. It was kind of nice, because Santana didn't make that weird face where her eyebrows went all flat and Brittany laughed a lot and they didn't kiss in front of me anymore or anything, but they touched all the time. I don't touch my best friend as much as Brittany and Santana touched, but I think that's probably just because they've been best friends for longer, so they're just better friends, and maybe when you like someone as much as that many years of being best friends makes you like them, you start touching a lot.

Artie's really nice, for a boy. Like, he's a different kind of nice than Puck or that Finn guy. He's just really funny and he makes Brittany laugh all the time, and I figured if he was going to be her boyfriend, then that was a good thing. He's smart, too, and he started helping Brittany with her homework sometimes, which was nice because she has a lot of questions. Sometimes he'd help me too, if I asked.

Artie's in a wheelchair, which means that he's paralyzed, at least some of the way. I know there are different kinds of paralyzed because there's a girl at my school who can't move anything but her hands, really, but she has a disease, and when I asked Brittany, she said Artie was in a car accident. It really isn't fair to think about how someone as nice as Artie had to get into a car accident and then have a wheelchair. I wanted to ask him about his legs, because I don't really get what happens with them, but I asked Brittany instead, and she said he just can't feel them, which I think would be really weird, knowing something's there and not being able to feel it, still. Kind of like ears, only with legs you really want to feel them, and with ears it doesn't matter as much. I still wanted to talk to him and ask what it's like to not be able to play soccer or anything like that, but I thought it might be rude. It's like, I don't talk to people about their legs when they can use them, so I probably shouldn't talk to people about their legs when they can't use them.

Artie came over a lot, and Mommy really liked him. He and Daddy talked about architecture, which Daddy told me is just designing houses, which really doesn't seem all that hard, but then Artie talked about physics and math and stuff and it sounds kind of boring, honestly. I don't really care about building houses. But he always said nice things about Brittany, and Tubby and Charity really liked him, and I know that's really important to my sister, because other than Santana and sometimes Quinn, those are her best friends.

We were doing homework at the dining room table one night and she told me she loved Artie, which I could have guessed, but I smiled anyway, because I think it probably feels really nice to be in love. Santana still came over sometimes, too. They mostly closed the door to Brittany's room and spent time in there together, like they used to. Santana brought over Rice Krispie treats one time and I think it's because she knew they're my favourite, but she didn't say that was why and she brought enough for everyone. I asked her if she made them and she said, "What the hell, Allie? Of course I did. I can do things like that." I think she wanted to be mad, but she was just laughing instead. My fingers were gooey with marshmallow, but I hugged her anyway and she said to get my little paws off her dress, but I didn't and she didn't make me, so it was still nice. Besides, I don't have paws because I'm a person, and people have hands and there are 27 bones in the hand, and also a lot of ligaments, which are the things that connect bones together. I don't know how many bones are in paws, but probably not that many because they're smaller than hands. Unless it's like a great dane or something. Those things are huge.

I like when Brittany's not a cheerleader best because she lets me help her pick out her clothes. It's fun, too, because Brittany buys her own clothes and I still have to pick everything out with Mommy and she doesn't like half the stuff I actually want. Brittany has the coolest things, like puffy pants and overalls and shirts with cool things on them. She lets me put outfits together while she practices dancing. She doesn't just wear everything I lay out on her bed, but she helps me fix it. Like the time I put that green skirt with the blue shirt with the skull on the front. She switched it out for a white shirt with green birds on the sleeve and it looked really awesome. She says we're a good team and we totally are. She helps me pick out my clothes, too, but it's not as fun because my clothes are all boring, except for the shirt she bought me for Christmas. It's purple with a big neon pink plus sign on the front. She got me a scarf and mitts, too, and I wear those every day. When it's cold out, anyway.

I don't know when Artie stopped being nice, but I know that Brittany was happy when he was her boyfriend, and then they stopped being boyfriend and girlfriend and she was sad. That was the only time she cried, really, that I saw. I was reading and she came home from school after me and said we should cuddle, so we got into my bed and I let her braid my hair for me because that's what she wanted to do. I asked her if she still loved Artie and she said yes, and then I wiped her tears on my sheets, which got makeup on them but I didn't care.

For a few weeks, no one really came over to see Brittany, which made me sad, because she really just spent a lot of time in her room doing school work. She was reading that book To Kill A Mockingbird, which sounds hard, but her and Daddy talked about it a lot and I know his smile he has for when you're getting things you didn't get before, and he started pointing it at Brittany enough that I was starting to hope she'd know what that smile meant, too.

That Rachel girl came over once, just to talk about dancing and stuff. They practiced in the living room and I thought maybe they'd want me to leave, but all they did was ask what I thought, so I just told them the truth. Rachel's a really good dancer, too, even if you wouldn't really know it because she spends so much of her time just singing instead of dancing. She has the prettiest voice, and she smiled and said thank you when I told her so. I didn't know what song they were singing when they started practicing, but I knew every word by the end of it. Brittany taught me some of the dance moves, too, and Rachel changed them a tiny bit to highlight my unique abilities. At least that's what she said. All I know is it was easier after she changed it. She and Brittany talked about teaching dancing, and I think they'd both probably be really good at that, because Brittany's really fun and she knows all the dance moves, and Rachel's really good at explaining things. They could team up or something, maybe.

There was a spelling bee at my school and I got picked to be in it because I'm the best speller in my grade. I studied so hard, too, just to get as many words as possible into my head. I can remember them pretty well, too, because I know how you have to put letters together to make sounds. It just comes naturally to me, my teacher said. Like I know that riddle about I before E, and I know long O sounds and soft Gs and silent letters, which are tricky. I didn't tell Brittany she had to come. I knew she had glee practice after school, but she skipped it to come watch me spell things, which I think is awesome. Spelling bees are really hard, because there's an audience staring at you and there's a microphone and everything. But I think if my sister can sing and dance in front of big crows, I can probably spell in front of them. One of the words they gave me was inauspicious, which I'd never heard before, so I asked for a definition and they said, "Not auspicious," which really didn't help me at all. But I closed my eyes and imagined what the word would look like if it was spelled on a piece of paper in front of me, and then I recited the letters and I got it right, which made me feel really smart, mostly because I still didn't even know what the word meant. I only lost because the final word was triskaidekaphobia and I'd never even knew that was a word.

I still got a trophy, though, and my whole family said they were proud of me, which made me feel good. I put the trophy next to my second place soccer trophy from the summer and asked Brittany what it's like to come in first, because she used to, for cheerleading, all the time. She said it's just like second, only the trophy's bigger. Then we Googled triskaidekaphobia and Brittany said it didn't even look like a real word, and that it's dumb that there aren't phobias of other numbers, so why is there a phobia of the number 13? I think it's dumb that anyone would be scared of a number at all.

Brittany gave me 13 bangle bracelets of all different colours and said I was the best speller she knew, so I know I'm never going to have triskaidekaphobia because I have really good memories of that number now.

I don't really get the whole idea behind prom, but apparently it's a big deal. Brittany wanted to go alone, and Santana had a boyfriend, who I could tell my sister didn't like. You really don't need boys to have fun. Actually, usually it's more fun without boys around anyway. Brittany's dress was yellow, and I liked it a lot because it's my favourite colour. Sometimes I wonder if she thinks of me when we're not together like I think of her when we're not together. She took pictures with me even though she was all dressed up and I was just in my pajamas. I told her to have fun and she whispered to me that she'd wake me up when she got home so we could talk about it.

She danced with like, everyone, and there was a fight, and her friend Kurt, who I like a lot, was really upset, but then his boyfriend made him smile again and he got to wear a crown and everything. I'm not really sure how anyone could be upset when they were wearing a crown, but then again I've never been to a prom before either. Actually, I've never worn a crown, other than plastic pretend ones. I asked if she danced with Artie and she said, "Of course!" I asked if she danced with Santana and she said, "Of course!" I asked if she danced with Rachel and Puck, and she laughed and said, "Of course!"

Then she went back into her room and I thought about how if I ever go to prom, I'm not going to bother bringing a boy with me when I can just have fun with everyone else anyway. Brittany's really smart that way and I bet she had the most fun out of everyone there, even.

Artie came to my first soccer game of the summer, which was nice of him, and it was fun to see him with Brittany. Sometimes she stands behind him with her hands on his chest and he leans his head back and smiles up at her and she leans down to kiss him, which makes her hair go all in his face if she has it down. They didn't do that at the soccer game, but they talked a lot and he made her do that laugh thing where, if she's sitting on her butt, she kind of falls over and leans on her elbow. I think he's still in love with her, mostly because when she does that, he always reaches for her hand and pulls her back up so she's sitting again. I asked Mommy what she thinks, and she just laughed and said that some people, like Brittany, love a lot of people, and that's okay. Of course it's okay, I thought, because why would it ever not be okay to love people? Mommy smiled when I said that, and kissed my forehead, which she does sometimes, usually when I say something that she likes. So that was nice.

I asked Brittany who she loves most and she said, "You," which made me almost cry a little bit because I know how much she loves Tubby and Charity and Santana and Artie and Mommy and Daddy. If she loves me most out of all those people and cats, then it must be a lot of love, so I said, "I'm going to always love you most, too, okay?" and we pinky swore. She and Santana hold pinkies all the time, but that's different. I think probably pinky fingers have a lot of love in them, and that's why you promise with them and why Santana and Brittany always hold onto each other by them. It doesn't really make sense then that wedding rings don't go on pinkies, so when I asked Brittany why, we Googled it and found out that there's a vein that goes from that finger to the heart, which is where the most love is. So then we ring finger promised, which was harder and looks really weird, but makes more sense.

I kind of started wondering who people loved most, so I asked Mommy, and she said me and Brittany first, tied, and then Daddy after that. Daddy said the same thing, only Mommy in second place after the tie. Then I asked Santana and she said Brittany and kissed her cheek, which made my sister wiggle in her bed where they were laying and smile really big. Santana asked why I wanted to know and I just said that I was curious, and she laughed, and I said that everyone seems to love Brittany a lot, and Santana combed Brittany's hair with her fingers and said, "I know, Allie."

See? Santana's really nice, sometimes. I like it when she's like this because she has a really pretty smile and she laughs and it's contagious, which is a word I know from school and learning about the human body. My teacher said I am advanced, so she gave me extra work, which was nice because then I didn't get bored in class. Contagious usually only applies to diseases, like colds and chicken pox and the H1N1 virus, which I know about from the news and having to get a needle for it. But I know laughs are contagious because Daddy says so and he wouldn't lie about something like laughing, because he does it so much. I asked him if he thinks love is contagious too, and he had to think about it for a minute, which made me feel smart, and then he asked why I thought so, so I told him that it's easier to love people when they're in love, and he laughed and said that I was right about that. I asked if he noticed that Santana's nicer when she's allowed to be more in love with Brittany. He pulled me up onto the couch with him and said that yes, Santana's nicer because she's happier. And then I said, "That's because it's contagious," and he laughed and we watched a show about elephants crossing the desert looking for water. Elephants must have a lot of bones in their feet.

Brittany didn't have a party, but she had her friends from glee club over. It's summer now, and it's hot outside, usually, but the day when she called everyone, it was raining and gross out, so no one was busy doing other things and they all came over and sat around our living room talking about stuff.

I know Rachel and Finn broke up for a long time during the school year, because Brittany told me, but now they're holding hands again and they look really happy, and she sat on his lap on the couch to give other people room, but I thought that was kind of silly because she's so small it's not like she takes up a lot of room anyway. Probably she just wanted to sit on his lap. He's big, like a chair made just for her, so he's probably comfortable to sit on.

Mike has a girlfriend now, and she has the nicest hair, I think, other than Brittany's. It's black and shiny and has a red streak right behind her ear, which is so cool. She calls Mike 'honey' which is what Mommy calls Daddy sometimes, so it probably means Tina's really in love with him, which is nice.

Quinn came over, too. She looked nervous or mad or something, but that's dumb because these are all her friends and she doesn't have to be nervous. Maybe she was nervous because she chopped all her hair off, but she didn't have to be, because it looked nice. When she came to the kitchen to get a glass of water, I told her I liked her haircut and she said, "Ugh. It's too short."

"No it's not. It's really pretty."

Then she smiled and said, "Thanks, Allie," and asked why I was in the kitchen instead of in the living room, but they're not my friends, they're Brittany's, so I didn't want to just go in there. So I told her I was helping Mommy cut vegetables, which wasn't true because she won't let me hold a knife, which I hate because I'm not stupid and I know how to be careful. But I helped make the dip, which Mommy and I had to taste test before sending it in, and then I carried the tray of snacks to the living room.

Puck said, "Hey, brat," which made Rachel hit his arm because she said it was rude, but he calls me that all the time, so I'm used to it by now. They all thanked me for bringing in the food, which felt like too much attention and made my cheeks feel hot, but I just said, "You're welcome," and gave Artie a high five because he had his hand up for one. He was sitting far away from Brittany, which was weird because they usually sat closer together, but she was sitting between Quinn and Santana, which looked like it used to when no one was being mean to anyone.

I asked Brittany later if Quinn and Santana are friends again, and she said that they were always friends, but sometimes things happen and it makes it hard to be best friends. I asked if it was because of the baby or because Santana obviously likes Brittany more than she likes Quinn. Which is kind of obvious, really, probably to everyone. Brittany just looked at me for a second and then said, "Yeah, that's why."

Brittany's probably going to college soon, which makes me sad to think about. I really don't want her to leave, which is why I'm kind of mad at Mommy and Daddy for making her so much older than me. I asked Daddy why they did that and he said, "We wanted to make sure you had a really great big sister," and I don't really get that because she'd still be my big sister even if she was only two years older than me instead of like nine. He asked why I wanted to know and I said that I just don't want her to leave yet. Daddy said he doesn't want her to leave yet either, which made me feel better about everything, kind of. Then I figured out that when I go to college it'll just be Mommy and Daddy at home alone without me and Brittany, and I got really sad thinking about what they'd do without us here, but I didn't say anything about that because I didn't want to make Daddy think about it if he wasn't already. I helped him with the crossword instead. He didn't know a five letter word for 'Causing horripilation', but I did because I knew horripilation is just a fancy word for goosebumps and the first letter of the word was already there. Then Daddy asked me where I came from and I didn't know if he was serious or not, so I shrugged and that made him laugh and kiss my forehead.

So what I think is that it really doesn't matter who you are, or how well you can dance, or if you're a boy or a girl, or if your legs don't work, or if you had a baby, or if you are really short and your boyfriend isn't. Brittany doesn't care that Santana can be mean sometimes, or that Artie has to go around to the back of our house because he can't get up the steps to the front door. Mommy doesn't care that Daddy snores when he sleeps. I don't care that Brittany wears that weird fur hat that kind of freaks me out. And none of us care that Tubby's just always going to be that fat.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I know what love is. It's just a bunch of little things that remind you of the big things. 13 bangles on your wrist and a kiss on your forehead for helping with a crossword puzzle.

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This is awesome! Really and truly. So different and so well-done. I love it! ♥

This was really cute. I can totally picture Brit having a sister like this.

I saw this and was all "oh! idle read time" and now I'm tearing up and all ~emotion bag. Salutes and praise, always. <3

Heyyyy emotions! Thank you, doll.

What is this? It's something you need to do more often, because it's awesome.

It's like, I don't talk to people about their legs when they can use them, so I probably shouldn't talk to people about their legs when they can't use them.

Oh, Allie. <333333 If only we all had the wisdom of children.

Thank you so much!! I had so much fun writing from a child's perspective.


Best wife ever.

This was so cute and sweet. I just wanna cuddle something now. Gah.

i have a feeling I'm going to have to provide like, a lifetime supply of Kleenex in this marriage.

Thanks, bb! <3


That's pretty much all I got. There were about forty separate lines that I wanted to pick out and tell you how awesome they were, but that's a lot and by the time I got to the end I couldn't even remember all of my favorite parts. Everything with Quinn being pregnant was perfect. And Brittany saying "You." ♥ ♥ ♥

Keep being flawless.

Thank you so, so much! I'm glad you liked this. It was interesting to write from the perspective of an eight year old and kind of explore her thoughts on Quinn having a baby. I really liked writing those parts.

wow so you finish an epic Finn/Santana fic and then you produce this awesome sauce....what are you! hahahaha

I love fics with family in them. Maybe you could do one from Santana brother/sister pov...that would be cool to see :)

I second that idea! A story from Santana's brother or sister would be a really interesting contrast.

Thank you so much!!

If it's ever revealed that Santana has a sibling, I'd consider it. (Unless I'm mistaken, we haven't heard whether or not Santana's an only child...)

Oh my god this is so precious I might just die from feelings. IS THAT POSSIBLE? Writing a child's POV can be tricky to navigate, but you were really successful at giving Allie a voice without pandering or dumbing down.

Fantastic, fantastic read.

Thank you so, so much! It was definitely interesting to write from her point of view. I didn't want to make her too childlike (as I see so often in fic...) or too mature. She's just a young girl who's not dumb at all, but still wants to know why/how someone is paralyzed or pregnant.

Thanks again!

I have no idea why I got tears in my eyes from the last paragraph, but I did. This is beautifully done.

Aww, thank you, darling!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, doll! Actually, my favourite parts were the parts with Quinn, too. Mostly because I kept finding myself how she'd feel with this like, innocent little creature asking her heavy questions and her not wanting to be a total bitch, but not wanting to answer, either.

She is getting into my heart, but damn, the more promos and pictures come out for this season the less I give a damn. It's like I'm conditioned to only like her when she's not being poorly written and shoved in my face on the television. I WANT TO KEEP LOVING HER.

Wow I bet this was quite hard to write because a child's POV is one of the most difficult things to portray but you've outdone yourself and did a great job!

Thank you so much!! Really glad you enjoyed it.

This was really great. Definitely unique. I love the fact that Allie is seven and gifted, but still sees things very simply. Wonderful read.

Why is fictional Allie Pierce so freaking cute?

I adored reading this and learning more about Brittany through her sister's eyes. I don't care where this came from, bb, it was wonderful!

Thanks, bb! Glad you liked it! Just something different for a change. :)

Oh. This is so lovely! Such a wonderful mix of balancing the Alice's point of view with Brittany and who Brittany is. So, so adorable.

Thank you, thank you!

Your versatility of style awes me. Writing your story from the POV of an eight year old gave it such a sweet innocence, letting the readers see all our favourite characters from a fresh perspective. Well done!

Thank you so, so much. I really appreciate the comment. :)

I think probably pinky fingers have a lot of love in them, and that's why you promise with them and why Santana and Brittany always hold onto each other by them.

That's my favorite part.

Thank you, darling! I loved that part, too.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much! I'm glad you felt it was 'realistic' to what goes on inside the head of a child.

That was absolutely brilliant. I teared up at parts, mostly the end, because it was so wonderfully worded and the emotion was very obvious.

Such a great job, once again!

Gorgeous! Wow... that was brilliant. Allie is awesome. :)

This is the cutest thing ever! I love the innocence of seeing Brittany, Santana and the Glee Club from a child's perspective and I love the way in which she accepts the concept of love in all it's forms. It seems obvious that she and Brittany both learned that at home.

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it. I honestly think Brittany's probably got the best, most stable family of all of them. I wanted to write it that way, anyway. I can see her parents just being very accepting to who she is and what she wants and who she loves. :)

This was wonderful. Seeing the world through Brittany's sister's eyes is a treat - happy, and innocent, and truly smart. Great idea, wonderful execution!

So unique and adorable! This was amazing. :)

Holy moly, I loved every second of that! Perfect, perfect, perfect. I was going to quote my favorite parts, but then I realized I'd just be copying and pasting the whole thing in the comment box.

Creative idea, and so wonderfully written! Great job keeping up with the characterization all the way through; that must have been tough!

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it! It was hard, at first, to find the right balance between canon events and what Allie would know about them, but this was really fun to write. :)

That was beautiful.

The way you portrayed her, so innocent and unafraid, god it was wonderful.

It was SO different. I've been reading you for a long time now, but I can't recall anything like that before, and I must say that all this does is prove how you can write absolutely anything and any style and make itincredible.

Thank you. :)

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