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One more to go and then what?!?!?! :O

I say this on every chapter, but I love this!
I can't wait for your next Pezberry story... they are legit my favourite couple and you write them so incredibly well!

I can't even with them and their chemistry. It literally jumps off the page -- or screen. GUH. That's all I end up saying at the end of each update. And now I'm sad because one more update and it's over.

PLEASE DON'T END IT AT 1O!! Or at least do a sequel please!!! I love this way to much for it to end! It is so amazing!

Unf. Girl the pezberry feels are just through the roof.

I can't wait for the end, but like everyone else, I don't want it to. This story is just magic. How do you write such amazing chemistry?

so much pezberry love!

awesome job!

I kind of love when I miss an update of this because it gives me more to read like now. So yay!

First Santana meeting Rachel's parents in the last chapter and then Rachel meeting Puck in this one. Wow, just wow. Santana's so in love with Rachel. I can't wait until she tells her. I can just see Rachel telling her that she knows she loves her, and has for a while now.

Last chapter next :(

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