... exploding from Feelings.

Don't explode yet! There is more to come.

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I'll be back with real words. My feelings tho.

Take your time, bb. I know you're glittering right now. :P

Best Rachel and Santana voices ever. You didn't compromise their personalities one bit and it's so refreshing and honestly brilliant. Love it and the actual understandable conflict between them.

Thank you so, so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the first chapter.

I can't decide if I'm just about to explode with feelings or a puddle on the floor. You have straddled the line of sweet/touching and humor masterfully here.

I legit also cackled the loudest I had in a long time at the Mike Chang line. I'm fairly certain my roommate woke up and tried to check on me.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you're finding this humourous, yet sweet. That was the plan. :)

Holy Jesus this was a lot sweeter than I anticipated but perfectly balanced with the amount of snark you'd expect out of Santana. I really love the domesticity of this since a lot of stories that involve this pairing are tumultuous or smutty, I think you work the smut in perfectly here. I'm looking forward to reading more of this.

Thank you! I warned that it was going to be fluffy! :P But yes, it's still Santana and she's still going to be borderline (or completely) inappropriate from time to time.

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Thanks so much! I'm so glad you like it. :)

This is so sweet and just exuberant amounts of awesome. I love how San kind of came to the decision to cave in once she realized how much doting Rachel would do for her, haha. Aside from the fact that she adores her, of course.

Thank you very much, bb. :)

skfdgh;akhjfd so many feelings! ;A; Thank you for writing this

Oh my god. This has to be officially be my favorite PezBerry fic ever. I have been hoping for someone to write a PezBerry fic where they get pregnant and have a baby, and some have attempted it, but there always vague one shots. However this is so good. I would have loved to see Rachel pregnant and see how Santana would have dealt with that, like her being super over protective and super mushy, but the fact that Santana was so against being pregnant herself in the beginning and now is just so damn anxious for it to happen and her being upset she didn't get psycho obsessed Rachel is just too perfect. I am so unbelievably excited to read the rest, I can't wait to see Rachel turn into that little psycho Santana wanted a bit of time with. It's going to be awesome.

Thank you so, so much! I'm really happy that you're liking it. I haven't seen another story where they have a baby together, so I figured, 'why not?'

I may cancel my trip to Europe so I can sit at home and reload LJ repeatedly till this is done

"Finn got clingy, psycho little Rachel for like, three years. Santana feels like she got robbed." = One of the most amazing things I've heard/read all day. And the Valedictorian of my law school just told me she's afraid to go to Forks 'cause "all movies are based on the truth so there might be vampires there." And she wasn't joking. To summarize: I love you.

Re: I may cancel my trip to Europe so I can sit at home and reload LJ repeatedly till this is done

Hahah! OMG your valedictorian.......wtf?

Thank you for the comment!

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Amazing and its only part one. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Thank you for commenting!

I can't even deal with how this fic makes me feel. Your fics make me ship these two and this is going to be my favorite. I just know it.

Thank you so much! :)

Love isn't even the word.

You've managed to weave these characters into an entire new story. And all I want to know is what happens next because it's you, which means I won't be able to guess ahead like I do with other fics. Which is perfect, like you and this story and your writing just makes me so happy.

Thank you so much, darling. I really appreciate the comment!

First I gotta say...throwing in Santana watching Grey's Anatomy and mentioning Arizona Robbins...I love you for that alone :D Second, you have captured Santana's snarkiness so damned perfectly. I know Rachel grew up and all but I kinda miss seeing her all super needy and clingy. Third, The whole concept of using Matt cracks me up. They don't even think about the guy once he leaves McKinley and once they have his swimmers he's gonna completely disappear again. Great stuff! I can't wait to read more.

Haha. I don't watch Grey's anymore, but I still love Arizona. She's awesome. Rachel is still needy and clingy, just in different ways. You'll see some of those. And Matt's the perfect candidate! :P

Thank you for commenting!

I want all of these babies tho.

Pucktana blaintana miketana and mattana.

Can Santana just like have one of each.

Ha! She's skeptical on having one and now you're giving her four?? :P

Pezberry married and wanting kids...this is heaven!
I thought I would have disliked Rachel not wanting to carry the child, but it really makes sense...and now I need to revaluate my head-canon Rachel, who used to wants kids and to carry herself, at least one.
Santana wanting psycho. clingy Rachel LOL
I look forward Rachel doting on Santana.
Really happy that's gonna be Matt, a guy they know but at the same time who won't want to be in the baby's life (since it was one of the things they feared)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the comment.

oh gosh ajsdflaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajlk I can't even... this is the worst comment ever for the best story ever but I promise you I loved every. Single. Word.

(Deleted comment)
Santana/Matt or Rachel/Matt babies, depending on which way you go here would almost unfairly beautiful little babies. I can't wait to see a doting Rachel and a pregnant Santana, aw times infinity!

Right? Genetic lottery. :P Thanks for the comment!

wow..this...wow...I can't think of....wow

thank you

I saw you post something about this on the meme and it's finally here :)
I can't even find the words to say how much I love this; Matt being the 'dad', Santana carrying the baby, their backstory...it's all incredible.
I can't wait for the next part!!

Thank you so much! I'm glad it lived up to 'expectations'. :P

This was completely charming and had so much heart to it. I loved it! I'm so excited that there's more!! :)

So damn amazing and awesome and things and yeah :}


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